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Why do you call God "The Great Architect of the Universe"?

Keep in mind we are not a religion nor do we discriminate against personal religious beliefs. We have Brothers all around the world with different religious beliefs.

Our organization/fraternity of Freemasonry has no set "God" one must believe in. Upon petitioning for membership it is a requirement to profess a belief in a Supreme Being. They are not required or requested to elaborate any further on their beliefs except to make a positive affirmation that they have such a belief.

The term "Great Architect of the Universe" (or "Grand Architect of the Universe") is used to permit a more generic term, to the Supreme Being of all present. All Masons understand this concept and when prayers are offered in their lodge, they understand that regardless of the person speaking the words or the manner of prayer of others present, the prayer is addressed only to their own belief of the Supreme Being.

This allows us all to pray together as Brothers without religious confrontation.