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What happens at a lodge meeting?

Meetings are begun with ceremony. Then basically two things occur. Business and/or ritual degree work. Degrees may be conferred on the same night as a business meeting or depending on the will of the lodge on a separate evening/day.

The business of the lodge is often quite mundane, for example voting to pay bills. Other business might include anything which any local club or group would encounter. There are votes to admit new members, there are suggestions from the officers and/or the members about activities to hold and things to do and there are reports on events that have occurred. In addition, there is a Treasurer's Report and the reading of the minutes of the preceding meeting by the Secretary along with any correspondence which he might have. The Secretary and Master will report on any word they've received regarding the sickness or distress of a member or his family. Other officers and members might add information as well.

In addition to the above, there are times when a meeting might consist partially or entirely ritual work. Performing the degree, during which a candidate receives further advancement in Freemasonry. First Degree “Entered Apprentice”, Second Degree “Fellowcraft”, and Third Degree “Master Mason”.

There may be a meal, full or snacks, served either before or after the meeting.